The School Emblem

The STCS Emblem took its shape after a heraldic shield.  It is 2.5 cm in width and 3 cm in height.  The colours on the badge – red, yellow, blue, green and white – are derived from the Sabah State flag, signifying our school’s affinity with our home state, Sabah. 

The Plum Blossom in the centre of the emblem represents integrity and its notable ability to withstand the cold.  These traits signify the hardworking spirit of Chinese people.  

The Mount Kinabalu emboss, S.E. Asia’s highest peak, is an important landmark of Sabah.  Its place in the emblem represents our school’s persistent efforts in seeking the highest goals and ambition.   The light rays emitting from the Plum Blossom signifies the school’s bright journey to the future. 

S.T.C.S. is the acronym of the school’s name in Bahasa Malaysia.