Sabah Chinese High School


Sabah Chinese High School covers an area of ​​25 acres. It is fully equipped and comfortable, making it a good place for students to learn. The first thing you will notice upon entering the school, is the long Zheng Jue bus shelter on your left. This was built in 2006.  Whenever school ends, there is the typical hustle and bustle of commuter vehicles. It is a place where parents pick up their children and where students wait for them too.

Opposite the Zheng Jue bus shelter is the Hiew Fook Memorial Hall. The Hiew Fook Memorial Hall was completed on July 4, 1985. It was opened by Datuk Hiew Min Yong, the managing director of Hiew Fook Sdn Bhd, and it cost more than RM2 million to build. There are three badminton courts, a stage and a dance studio. The weekly assembly and major ceremonies are held here.

In front of the Hiew Fook Memorial Hall is the Li Sheng Pavilion, a beautiful pavilion with Chinese architectural features. It is connected to Zong Xi Corridor, the walk way connecting the whole school.  Along the Zong Xi Corridor, the Hong Teck Guan Building is on the left and the Culture and Education Centre is on the right. 

Hong Teck Guan building is a four-story multi-functional school building. On the ground floor, is the Brass Band Room, Extra-Curricular Department office, Chinese Orchestra Room and the Cookery Room. The first floor is the staff room and teachers and staff common room. The 2nd floor is where the Maker Labs, Counselling Office and Arts rooms are.  There are eight classrooms on the 3rd and top floor. The Zhu Hui Meeting Room and the Zhu Xian Lecture Hall are located at the Education Centre. Various types of lectures are held here.

The Education Centre is also where the Academic Counsellor Office is located, aiming to provide students with information about further studies.  The first floor is where students gather to prepare for examinations, and a haven for reading enthusiasts, the Gek Poh Library. This is a treasure trove of knowledge and it houses a collection of more than 30,000 books.  There are also various types of magazines, comics, and newspapers.  About 10,000 new books are purchased every year, so it is a haven for visitors to discover new discoveries and rewards.

Along the Zong XI Corridor, you will find the volleyball and basketball courts on the right.  This is where students can exercise to stay fit and relieve stress. On the left is the HB Symphony Hall, equipped with state-of-the-art sound equipment making it an excellent venue for concerts. There are 27 classrooms, an electronics room, a tailor room and three science laboratories in the three classroom buildings adjacent to HB Symphony Hall. The Demo Lab located next to the Physics laboratory was donated by a group of alumni in 2017 with the intention of conducting various scientific experiments and preserving animal specimens to improve students’ interest in science.

At the end of the Zong Xi Corridor is a man-made Lotus Pond, built by former Art Teacher Mr Han Yu Yuan and the 23rd batch of graduates as a gift to the school. 

To the left of the pond is the school canteen, and the building to the right is the Hostel.

The second floor of what used to be the teacher’s dormitory is now a student dormitory, and the third floor of the former teacher’s dormitory is now a music room and a dance room. 

At the end of the campus is an area of ​​about four acres – the Yu He Sports Field. The annual sports meeting is held here, and it is a training arena for sports athletes of our school.